EPA migrates to the Microsoft Cloud

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Today Lockheed Martin joined Microsoft in announcing receipt of a $9.8 million contract to migrate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to Microsoft Office 365 for Government, our new multi-tenant service that stores U.S. government data in a segregated community cloud and includes e-mail, calendars, scheduling and collaboration tools for internal and external use.

While the move is expected to yield an estimated cost savings of $12 million over the four year contract, we're also pleased that the contract represents investment in a solution that echoes the EPA's mission to protect the environment and promote energy efficiency.  In choosing Microsoft, the EPA will tap online services delivered through our data centers that feature the latest innovations in energy efficient design, and that offer the potential to help customers reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact.

Approximately 25,000 EPA employees will use Office 365 for Government. The EPA will join other federal agencies-including the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Agriculture-in adopting Office 365 as a cloud-based solution.

We have a longstanding collaboration with the EPA, which recently awarded Microsoft a Green Power Partner of the Year Award as the third largest organizational purchaser of renewable energy-more than 1 billion Kilowatt-hours last year. As the federal agency responsible for protecting human health and enforcing environmental regulations, the EPA has also played an important role in encouraging the role of technology to achieve energy efficiency, like its Apps for the Environment contest.

You can find more information about how Lockheed Martin and Microsoft are taking the EPA to the cloud here

More information is available here on how our team is working to deliver more than 200 online services from our global data centers that are consistently increasing energy efficiency and taking advantage of sustainable power resources. Our best practices for cloud data centers are publicly available in the videos, whitepapers, and blogs that we have been sharing since 2007 and you can access them on our web site at www.globalfoundationservices.com 



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