SMARTer 2020 Study Offers Further Support for Global Carbon Reductions Potential of the IT Industry

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Efficiency and Sustainability

Our colleagues on Microsoft's environmental sustainability highlighted a study recently that helps put our roles in Global Foundation Services into perspective.  The new SMARTer 2020 study concluded the potential of the IT industry to reduce annual emissions by 9.1 GtCO2e by 2020, which is a staggering seven times greater than the carbon footprint of the IT industry itself.

This study illustrates opportunity for IT-related services like cloud computing to make an impact on a global scale.  As part of the team that supports over 200 Microsoft's cloud services including Skype, Office 365 and Azure, we clearly see how these offerings can contribute to the reductions outlined in the study.  A lot of hard work lies ahead for the industry, but we at Microsoft look forward to sharing more about our latest efficiency projects, our lessons learned and providing world-class cloud services for our customers.     

To download the SMARTer 2020 study, go here.    


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